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Anna Leigh Waters was born on 26th January 2007 in Florida, USA. She is an American professional pickleball player, and as of 2024, she is one of the best players in this particular sport. She is the youngest pickleball player to be ranked No.1 globally. Anna Leigh Waters net worth as of 2024 is estimated at $2.2 million

Let’s discover what she earned from her sports career and personal life. But you don’t want to miss out on this quick overview of her life before jumping into the article. 

Full NameAnna Leigh Waters 
Date of Birth26th January 2007
Age17 Years
Place of BirthFlorida, USA
Height5 ft 6 in (167.64)
Weight 54 Kg
Profession(s)Pickleball Player
Education High School Graduate
Skin Color White 
Hair Color Blonde 
Eye Color Black
Language English 
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Martial Status Single 
Net Worth $2.2 Million

Anna is professionally a pickleball player from the United States of America. She is one of the best players in the world in this particular sport. She is the youngest girl to play this sport and the youngest to be ranked No.1. Throughout her career, she has won several women’s mixed, singles, and doubles titles. 

Who is Anna Leigh Waters

Anna was born in Florida and her family was a middle-class one. She had a passion for playing different sports at a very young age. She used to participate in various sports competitions in her school and plays sports after school.

At the age of just ten years, she started playing pickleball, and soon after she realized that she was quite good at it. When she started playing pickleball, she left school. She started getting her initial education from her mother. Her mother Leigh, was a former pickleball and tennis player at the University of South Carolina.

Her dad Stephen was a former golf player. There is no wrong in saying that she has sports in her blood. It was her mother who educated her as well as trained her to win the pickleball championship.

She started playing pickleball when she was 10 and turned pro at just 12, becoming the youngest to play this sport. Simultaneously, she became the youngest tournament champion by winning a mixed doubles title with Kyle Yates at the US Open Pickleball Championship.

Since then her success story started and now she has won many singles and doubles titles and awards. With her mother Leigh Waters, she won the Women’s Doubles National Championship in 2022.

Anna Leigh Waters Achievements

Now, she is ranked as a top player by the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA). She is also the youngest player to be featured on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Sports list in 2023. Although she left school to play the sport but initially she started playing sports from her school life just like George Huguely IV.

Being a professional pickleball player and an athlete she has generated a healthy revenue from her career. In 2024, her net worth is estimated at $2.2 million. Her pickleball career and brand advertisements are the main factors that influence her net worth.

It’s also estimated that 90% of net worth has been generated by her pickleball career.

She receives a match fee that could vary between 1K to 2K USD. Adding brand sponsorships and advertisements, she easily earns between 10K to 13K USD monthly. That makes her annual fee or salary up to 121K USD.  

Anna had a good childhood as her parents were also sportspersons so, it’s not that she had a difficult childhood. Now, that she is also a sportsperson, she is living a luxurious life with her parents. She is currently living in an apartment in Florida, and she has bought a Rangover for herself in recent times. All this was possible for her because of her pickleball career.

Lifestyle of Anna Leigh Waters

One thing that her fans surely want to know, is which paddle Anna uses to play pickleball. Well, she uses a Paddletek Bantam TS-5 paddle, which in her thoughts is a great choice and she can play with more ease with this.

This particular paddle is the product of the paddle-making company Paddletek, this company manufactures premium quality paddles and soccers. She is currently in partnership with the Paddletek. This gives her another reason to use their paddles. 

Currently, Anna is over 17 and she is still single. She has also kept her personal life private. No information on her boyfriend or fiance is known. She said, “I want to focus on my profession and make my parents proud”.

This indicates that she is not interested in marrying and she wants to focus completely on her career. 

Being a sportsperson, she has a good number of followers on various social media accounts. On Instagram, she has over 65.4K followers, she used to share her sports experience-based posts on this particular platform.

On Facebook, she has more than 13K followers, she also shares sports experience-based posts here as well. 

Anna Leigh Waters Social Media Accounts

Anna is famous and successful just because of the passion and determination that she has put into her work. She sacrificed her school life to play pickleball and she gained success through this step. Anna Leigh Waters net worth is clear proof of how much she has focused on her career and wants to be successful.

This gives us a lesson that sacrificing something can change our future lives and can give us a better life ahead. Although Anna didn’t belong to a poor family, it was her hard work that made these successes possible for her. 

What is Anna Leigh Waters Age?

As of 2024, she is currently 17 years old. 

Who is Anna Leigh Waters Boyfriend?

No information on her boyfriend is known. She doesn’t have an interest in that she said she wants to focus on her career. 

What Paddle Does Anna Leigh Waters Use?

She uses Paddletek Bantam TS-5 paddle manufactured by Paddletek. 

Who is Anna Leigh Waters Father?

Her father is Stephen Waters aka Papa Waters, he is a former golf player. 

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