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If you are interested in crime-related stuff such as crime documentaries and like coming across films full of suspense. Some people don’t find this type of stuff interesting but they find it scary, of course, everybody doesn’t have a strong heart.

If you like these types of stuff then you must know Ashley Flowers. Today she is going to be our topic, we will be discussing Ashley Flowers net worth and her life.

Ashley Flowers was born on 19th December 1989 in South Bend, Indiana, United States. She is an American Pod-caster and a writer, also she is a non-profit organization founder.

Who is Ashley Flowers

She is best known for being a true-crime podcast Crime Junkie. She is also a social media influencer and she has tons of followers on social media. 

Real nameAshley Flowers
Date of birth19th December 1989
Age35 years
Born in South Bend, Indiana, United States
Height5′ 6″
Relationship StatusMarried
SpouseErik Hudak
Children 1
ProfessionAmerican Pod-caster, Writer, Non-profit organization founder
Net worth$5 Million
Ashley Flowers Profile Summary

Ashley was born in a mid to upper-class family with her father being a businessman and her mother a housewife. She is the oldest child of their parents along with two other siblings. She was keen on crime reading from her childhood.

She spent most of her time reading crime-based and mystery novels like Agatha Christie and Nancy Drew in her childhood. Her passion, interest, and craze for crime-solving led her to solve cold cases. She became a cold case detective by playing various mystery games. 

At the University of Notre Dame, she started her career as a genetics researcher in biomedical research. After some time she changed her mind and became a software seller at an Indian-based software company. At this time she was already a board member of Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana.

As a teenager, she hosted a 20-minute-long radio show named Murder Monday. She even reported a case while hosting and promoting this radio show. 

Ashley Flowers husband is Erik Hudak since 2017. The balance of love and crime-solving prowess adds a humanizing touch to Flowers’ persona. The couple welcomed their first child in recent years, introducing a new chapter to their story.

For followers who have come to know Ashley Flowers as an expert storyteller on unresolved cases, this development sheds light on her vulnerability and warmth outside the world of true crime investigations.

When she became mature, she decided to convert her childhood passion into a full-time job. So, with the help of her childhood friend Brit Prawat, she launched her true-crime podcast. She named the podcast Crime Junkie.

True Crime Podcast

Within the first year of the launch of this podcast, it became an all-time famous one. Crime Junkie had over 950 million downloads and over 10 weekly listeners within just a year. Due to that much success, it is now considered the crown jewel of podcasting. 

After becoming so much a successful podcaster, she received multiple proposals to host other podcasts as well.

Here is the list of other Ashley Flowers podcasts hosted or co-hosted by Ashley Flowers apart from her own.

  • Something Was Wrong
  • Full Body Chill
  • Strange Bland
  • The Deck
  • Red Ball

Apart from her podcasts she also founded an Audio-chuck and named it after her Dog Charlie. Initially, Ashley and her brother David Flowers were the only working members of this company. Ashley used to record her podcast at her home while her brother David was the editor and he used to edit the episodes.

After so much hard work, this Audiochuck finally became a successful and award-winning podcast as well. It is best known for centering female podcast hosts in the crime space.

After successfully hosting multiple podcasts and becoming famous, she made a multiyear deal with SiriusXM which earned her more than $100 million. Currently, her Audiochuck network features 16 podcasts including Crime Junkie, The Deck, and others.

She is a talented human being, she never stopped working anywhere in her life. On 16th August 2022 she published her debut novel with the name All Good People Here On. It also drew more success, it was No.1 on the New York Times Hardcover fiction bestseller for over 9 weeks. 

Ashley’s Debut Novel

Her earnings from this book or her other books are not publicly known, which makes it difficult to estimate her earnings. But looking at the success rate of her books, it’s easy to say that she surely makes a healthy amount out of it.

The thing that is publicly known is the advance fee. The publishers pay an advance fee to famous authors with reputable audiences. This advance fee can easily get up to six figures. 

With the first 5000 copies sold, the author earns 10% royalties, with 15% on all subsequent sales and 12.5% on the next 5000 sales.

As of 2024, her net worth is around $5 million. The main reasons for her fortunes include her brand deals, vents, tours, sponsorship, and podcasts.

A huge fan following on social media platforms might be another source of income for her. She also depends heavily on her Audiochuck, producing 16 podcasts for her income.

She covered a crime case for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in 2019, which led a journalist Cathy Fyre to accuse her and her partner of plagiarizing her work.

After this incident, her podcast secured the 2nd position instead of securing the 1st one because she took down 5 episodes due to it. Ashley’s podcast Crime Junkie had to face lots of troubles due to this controversy.

She is an active user on all social media platforms with a very strong fan following. According to July 2024, he has more than 440K followers on Instagram, 64.5K followers on Twitter, and 17.5K on Facebook. Her podcast Crime Junkie has more than 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

Social ProfilesURLs
InstagramClick here
TwitterClick here
FacebookClick here
LinkedInClick here
TiktokClick here
Ashley Flowers Social Media Handles

She used to share her life experiences on her social media accounts including her parenting duties, wife duties, and pet owner experience. Apart from these, she also posts sharing the best moments from her events and her podcasts.

Ashley Flowers and Jim Taubenfeld are two prominent figures, each having impressive net worth. Well let me tell you about Jim Taubenfeld, he is the President of Me Salve, Inc., and he is also a prominent figure in the sports memorabilia world, his valuable collection showcases his deep connection to sports memorabilia and his keen eye for rare pieces.

While both individuals have made significant money in their respective fields, it is evident that Taubenfeld’s long-standing presence in the sports memorabilia world has led to a higher accumulated wealth. Jim Taubenfeld Net Worth is around $5 million, the same as Ashley Flowers net worth.

Ashley Flowers is a true and living example who worked hard to accomplish her dreams, she made her dreams come true by working day and night. It’s her hard work and dedication that made her successful and famous.

What is the Main Reason Behind the Fame of Asley Flowers?

Her podcast Crime Junkie is the primary reason behind her fame.

Who Helped Ashley Flowers Throughout Her Journey?

Her brother David helped her make her podcasts and her childhood friend Brit Prawat helped her to start the podcast Crime Junkie. 

What is the Name of Ashley Flowers’ Debut Novel?

The name of her debut novel is All Good People Here On.

Has Ashley Flowers Hosted Other Podcasts Too?

Yes, she has hosted multiple podcasts apart from the Crime Junkie such as Red Ball and The Deck.

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