Brittish Williams Net Worth – Career, and Personal Life Facts


Brittish Williams was born on 28th December 1989. She is an American TV personality. Brittish Williams net worth is $450,000

Continue reading as we discuss her personal life and her career. Before that let’s take a quick overview of her life.

Full NameBrittish Williams
Date of Birth28th December 1989
Age 34 Years
Place of Birth St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Nationality American 
Religion Christian
ResidenceLos Angeles, California, USA
SchoolPublic School
CollegePrivate University
Martial StatusUnmarried
KidsDash Dior Gordon (Daughter)
Profession(s)Television Personality, Businesswoman, Reality TV Star, Shoe Designer
Famous For Basketball Wives LA
Net Worth $450,000

She is an American Businesswoman, TV personality, and Reality TV star. She is famous for her role in Basketball Wives LA. Due to this show, she got unbelievable fame. She succeeded in every part of her life, whether in her business or the TV world. 

Brittish Williams

Basketball Wives LA was her first project and it was aired on VH1. This was the turning point in her life as this project proved to be a reality hit show for her and the channel. After this success, she started her business endeavors. Her fame played a great role in the success of her business and she became a business entrepreneur. 

The most asked question about her is, what is her net worth? Well, her net worth in 2024 is estimated at $450,000. Basketball Wives LA played a vital role in her net worth and her business is now the main reason behind her worth. 

Brittish Williams Net Worth

No doubt, this show is the main reason behind her success. She did play an important role in the success of the show. She got a great payback for the hard work and determination she put into the making of the show. The earnings from the show contributed a lot to her overall worth but unfortunately, the exact amount of her earnings from the show is still being determined. 

She’s also an entrepreneur, she has a boutique named The Love of Labels in her hometown St. Louis. Her boutique has all the accessories that cater to the luxury of modern fashion including shoes, apparel, and other fashion items.

This boutique generates a healthy revenue for her which contributes to her net worth. As she was already famous, her boutique caught the attention of people in no time and became so much popular. 

After becoming famous, she did what all other celebrities have in common, investing in real estate. Her investments not only made her portfolio big but also became an important source of a healthy income for her.

Due to her smartness and her skills, she was able to strengthen her position in this field. Now she has a diverse range of ventures and she has become a savvy entrepreneur. Her investments are the vital reason for her overall worth.

Her net worth is more than enough for any business person but the fact is that she isn’t going to stop. She has the determination to grow more and more. She is on the right track to do so. Her investments and business are expected to expand and provide her with more success.

Basketball Wives LA is the show that makes Brittish Williams what she is right now. The audience just loved her role and she started to get popular. The show was a huge success for her and the producers.
The information about her earnings from the show hasn’t been disclosed but one thing is sure it has been beneficial for her.

Basketball Wives LA Show

After she gained fame, she thought to use her fame in more favor of her. She did so by opening the boutique and investing her earnings in real estate. 

Apart from the fame, she has faced many challenges that have impacted her career as well as life. In the year 2023, she pleaded guilty to the misuse of her social security number, bank fraud, and more. All in all, she had to face 15 charges. Due to these legal battles her net worth and career were affected so much. 

These legal battles drained a healthy amount of her financial resources. Now it has to be what she does to bounce back from the situation and prove herself not guilty. It is expected that her case will go long. Her fans are supporting her and with her determination, it seems like she may win the battle. 

But these legal battles have surely created a bad image of her for some people. Her fame and reputation have been greatly affected by this situation. Her financial resources are also at stake.

On Instagram, she has over 386K fan followers while on Twitter she has over 67.3K followers.

Brittish Williams Social Media

In the end, she really is a hardworking and determined woman. Brittish Williams net worth of $450,000 is proof of the determination she puts into her work. She is facing some legal troubles but the way she is determined, it is expected that she will bounce back from this situation. 

Her life is a true example of how we can change our lives by just putting in some hard work and determination. Only one moment can change our whole life. Just needs a true heart and patience.

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What was the Brittish Williams Sentence?

She was sentenced to 4 years of prison after pleading guilty. 

Who is Brittish Williams Husband?

Lorenzo Gordon did propose to her but they didn’t get married, she is still unmarried.

Is Lorenzo Gordon Still with Brittish Williams?

No, they both have broken up. 

What is Brittish Williams Doing Now?

She is currently waiting to start her sentence in West Virginia.

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