Erik Horbacz Net Worth – Bio, Wife, and Life Facts


Erik was born in April 1984 in the USA. He is an Entrepreneur with experience in many departments like beverage and food management, SaaS project management, business management, and more. As of 2024, Erik Horbacz net worth is estimated at $5 million.

First of all, we will take a quick overview of his life before start discussing it.

NameErik Horbacz
Date of Birth April 1984
Place of Birth USA
Age40 Years
SpouseEva Lovia
Height 6’1”
Height 70 KG
Martial StatusMarried 
EducationBS Economics & Economics
UniversityCoastal Carolina University
Net Worth $5 Million

He is a successful entrepreneur, probably because of his experience. He works in the food and leisure industry of North Carolina. With that, he is the founder and CEO of StoolDuel. He has proved himself as a great CEO just like Harlan Crow

Erik Horbacz - Introduction

He is known for his loyalty and kindness, according to him these are crucial when it comes to the business. His creative approach, hard work, and experience in the domain have made him such a successful person.

From childhood, he had a love for the leisure industry, food, and beverage that’s why he invested in this business and drew success. He has blended traditional business practices with modern technology and as a result, he is one step ahead of his competitors. 

Eric’s childhood was full of ups and downs, his family was not wealthy and they were struggling. His family hardly managed resources for his education. He got his early education at his home and later moved to another city for further education.

HGe got enrolled in multiple college courses which helped him a lot to boost his experience in professional life. Alongside that, he also got a university diploma. 

By studying at the Carilona Coastal University, he got a degree in economics and finance. Throughout his education life, he got experience which proved to be beneficial for him in his business life.

Career of Erik Horbacz

Having business insights and creative approaches was always a bonus point for him in his career.

His experience and determination have blessed him with a whopping net worth of $5 million. His business achievements are the proof that he is a successful entrepreneur.
He remained goal-oriented even after getting that much fame and popularity.

Erik Horbacz Net Worth

Erik has contributed to the food, beverage, software, and business industries, this highlights the talent and determination that he has given to the business world.

His approaches, hard work, and experience were the main reasons he stood out among the rest competitors. Erik has always perfectly utilized his work and has done everything in the best way he could.  

One thing is sure about him, he is a multi-talented man. All of his contributions to the business world showcase his talent and thinking. He knows what the customer’s needs are and how to solve them in the best way possible. 

Apart from all of that, he is also the founder of various companies such as Bandwagon Technologies, Might as Well Bar and Grill, and StoolDuel. His smartness and out-of-the-box thinking have made these companies successful and beneficial for him

His philosophy mostly includes making the world a better, meaningful, and secure place to live. He believes that life is not without a purpose and that everyone has to fulfill his purpose. As far as his purpose is concerned, he thinks by developing technology and efforts to make society better he is already fulfilling his purpose. 

He believes that others need help and are facing challenges so the best thing you can do is treat everyone with kindness and respect. This mindset forces him to keep contributing to philanthropic causes. 

He always makes sure that the wealth and resources that he has, are always used to help others who are in need. He makes sure to donate to multiple charitable foundations and organizations to help the needy. Healthcare, poverty, and education are the areas impacted by Erik’s contributions and donations.

Erik belonged to a poor family, maybe this could be the reason for what he thinks for others and he is trying to make society a better place. Erik understands the needs of poor people and the pain they have because once he was facing the same situation. Now, he doesn’t want others to go through the same situation. 

He has over 15K followers on Instagram with more than 450 followers being on Twitter. With that, he also has over 1K followers with 500+ connections on LinkedIn.

Erik Horbacz Social Media Accounts

Erik is a successful businessman and he has a big heart. Erik Horbacz net worth is proof of his determination and skills. After gaining fame, people just forget the hardships of others and think that they are everything. But this was not the case with him as he is trying his best to make the world a better place to live.

He feels for others and is always ready to help the needy whenever the opportunity arrives. His life gives us a lesson that no matter where you belong you can always change your life by determination and using your skills. 

Who is Erik Horbacz Wife?

His wife is Eva Lovia.

What is Eric Horbacz Age?

He is currently 40 years old as of 2024.

What is StoolDeul?

This company is founded by Eric Horbacz. It is a company that offers loyalty programs and awards through an app that is used in bars and restaurants

Is Eric Horbacz an American?

He was born in America and currently lives in there as well. So, he is an American. 

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