Jackie Aina Net Worth – Age, Husband, and Other Life Facts as of 2024


Jackie Aina was born on 4th August 1987 in the USA. She is an American makeup artist and a YouTuber. As of 2024, Jackie Aina net worth is around $800,000K

Let’s briefly overview her life before discussing her life facts.

NameJackie Aina
Date of Birth 4th May 1987
Place of Birth USA
Age37 Years
Profession(s)YouTuber and Makeup Artist
SpouseDenis Asamoah
SiblingsFolake Aina
Net Worth$800,000K (Approx.)
Views on YouTube410 million +

She is a famous YouTuber, makeup artist, and influencer. She is one of the most prominent figures in the makeup community.
Because of her skills, she was well-known in such a short time. Her work in the makeup industry is an inspiration for many people around the world. 

Jackie Aina - Introduction

Aina was born in a Nigerian-American family in Los Angeles. She had a solid cultural background which shaped her perspective and significantly identified her. Her life was full of ups and downs and she had to face a lot of troubles throughout her life.

She went to California State University for her education. But after some time she dropped out herself to pursue military service. She started her career in 2009 on YouTube as a beautician. She named her channel Jackie Aina and started making beauty tips videos on it. 

She was performing her duties at the Army as well as posting the videos on YouTube. She was doing both at the same time. Whenever she was free she started doing makeup guides to entertain her audience. 

After spending some time at the basic Army camps, she got enrolled at Vidal Sasson Academy to gain professional skills in makeup. Then she started her professional career and worked with many famous brands such as MAC and Bobbi Brown. 

You might be thinking she has got to be such a rich girl as she is a successful influencer and YouTuber. Well, her net worth is around $800,000K, but this is not the exact amount as it may vary.

Jackie Aina Net Worth

Her YouTube earning is the main contributor to her net worth and also YouTube was the start of her career. Through monetization and ads on YouTube, she surely earns a significant amount from it.

Her other resources for generating revenue include her collaboration with famous brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills. This has not only strengthened her position in the makeup industry but also has proved to be very beneficial to her net worth.

As you guys know YouTube was the start of Aina’s career. She started by posting beauty guides and fashion tips videos on it. It was successful for her as she got millions of followers on the platform and earned her fame.

She has over 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube and she is considered to be one of the most successful influencers in the beauty industry. Besides makeup guides and tips, she also does more interesting kinds of stuff like product unboxing and reviews as well. This makes her audience engage with her more.

YouTube Channel of Jackie Aina

Aina makes her money from YouTube through the YouTube Partner Program. This program lets the creators monetize their content through advertisements. A portion of advertising revenue is paid to the creator by YouTube.

These earnings are affected by engagement, views, and ad inventory. Although, her YouTube earnings are not public yet but its certain that her YouTube earnings contribute to her worth.

Apart from the online work, she has also collaborated with some high-profile brands to either promote their products or work with them. These collaborations have been successful for her over time and have earned her a significant amount of money. 

One more contributor to her net worth is her Instagram account. Currently, she has a good number of followers on it. She uploads sponsored posts by endorsing other’s products. She also earns from Instagram as well and this adds up to her additional earnings.

On YouTube, she has over 3.5 million followers and also 410 million + views on it. She has a strong base on YouTube just like Robert Greene. Being a pure internet personality, she has a healthy fan following on multiple social media platforms.

On Instagram, she has over 1.9 million followers with over 229K followers on Facebook. She has an official website as well.

Jackie Aina Social Media Accounts

“Acknowledging that, yes, this is a big step and the fact that I’m even thinking about doing it, I’m allowing myself the courage to really be me. I think when you say it that way, sometimes you feel better, like, ‘I’m allowing this. I’m not forcing it. I want to do this, and I can do this, and I can be okay.’”

“It’s okay to be hesitant. It’s okay to be protective of that. We all go through that. That’s a normal response to showing up in your fullest self,” she shared. “I would say take baby steps. I don’t think people understand showing up, just existing, is not as easy as they think it is.”

Jackie Aina net worth of $800,000 is not the exact amount but this is enough to be the proof of her hard work. Her dedication and passion have made it all possible for her. She dreamed it, tried to accomplish it, failed, again tried it, and this time around got success. 

There is a lesson for us in her life, struggle is permanent but never lose hope. If you fail once don’t take it on your heart but try it again, try again and again until the moment of success arrives for you. 

Who is Jackie Aina Husband?

His name is Denis Asamoah, he is a productivity coach.

What is Jackie Aina Age?

She is currently 37 years old.

Is Jackie Aina Married?

Yes, she is married to Denis Asamoah.

What is the Main Profession of Jackie Aina?

Her main profession is YouTube, she works as a makeup guide and beauty expert on it.

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