Legacy Shave Net Worth – What Happens After Shark Tank?


Legacy Shave is an American shaving company based in Michigan, USA. In 2024, Legacy Shave net worth is estimated at $50 million

Be with us as we discuss their success story but before let’s take a quick review of this company.

Company Name Legacy Shave 
Founder(s)Mike Gutow and Dave Gutow
Net Worth$50 million
Year Founded2016
Asked Equity $300K for a 10% equity
Final Deal$700K + 5% equity
SharkLori Greiner
Appearance EpisodeEpisode 7, Season 14
Country of OriginUnited States
Source of WealthShaving Products
Head QuartersRoyal Oak, Michigan USA

It’s a shaving products company founded in 2016 by Dave Gutow and Mike Gutow. The company has been known for revolutionizing shaving products for easier use. The main aim of the founders was to convert the old traditional barbershop products to something new, efficient, and easy to use.

Legacy Shave Intoduction

They ended up combining the shaving cream with the brush, making the shaving easier, enjoyable and it’s eye-catching as well. Due to this, their popularity and net worth have significantly grown.
Their efficient and customer-satisfactory products made them a leading brand in this particular industry. 

Story of Legacy Shave

The story starts some 28 years ago when Dave and Mike’s father was always complaining about the bumps and cuts he got by shaving his beard. The two brothers decided to give a gift to their father. They did it by gifting a shaving cream and a brush to him. But their father rejected it by saying that these were not for him as he wouldn’t be able to use them properly.

They both didn’t hold and started to think about a proper solution. Soon after they came up with an idea to put a brush on the shaving cream. They tried their best and were successful in the end. They gave it to their father and this time around he was happy and said that he had the best shave of his life. 

Story of Mike and Dave Gutow

They both knew the worth of their idea and also they were lucky because their father knew a plastic injection molder who initiated the process. They made around 20 prototypes in 4 months. 

They didn’t start selling these ones until their father died. On Shark Tank, Mike shared their point of view. He said that many inventors end up spending their life savings to protect their ideas with few of them succeeding. Because of this fear, they put a hold on their project for around 20 years. 

Also, he told us that during their father’s chemo treatment, their father used to assemble the products, because he wanted to remain busy. They found that he had assembled around 3000 pieces. After their father died, they both decided to pursue their invention and thus they started this company. 

It’s an old traditional shaving brush combined with the shaving cream can. This not only makes this product look awesome but also makes it super easy to use. These designs enable an even distribution of the shaving cream that results in a smooth shave. 

Legacy Shave Brush

This is the company’s main product and the reason behind its success. The company was founded based on this product. 

Since the company started, it has provided its customers a high quality products which results in better revenue generation. Due to the quality of its products, the company is having tons of success in the financial world.

Its market shares are greatly increasing and it’s also getting success in the sales department as well. All these are just because of the quality that its products have. 

The estimated net worth of this company is around $50 million. Keeping in mind the financial success and market trends, this net worth is obvious. Also, the company is getting more success day by day, as their products are getting continued success.

Net Worth of Legacy Shave

Some of the factors that contribute to Legacy Shave’s net worth are listed below:

Its innovative products such as the Legacy Shaving Brush have helped the company gain an upper hand on all of its competitors. It is also the reason behind the company’s great financial success. 

This company is very much committed to the quality of their product just like Scrub Daddy. The company uses the high-quality material to manufacture its products. It’s their quality that has drawn the success. Due to their high-quality commitment, they have experienced great financial growth. 

Over the years the company has successfully built a loyal customer community. Due to their quality products, they have managed to draw customer’s attention. 

Seeing their continuous success, it’s estimated that their net worth increases with time. Their products keep drawing success because of the innovativeness and quality that they possess. With a loyal customer community, it’s obvious that the company will significantly grow in the future.

The company changes the looks and designs of its products regularly according to market trends. This is a plus point for the growth of any company. Due to this all of their products are successfully drawing customer’s attention. 

On Instagram, Legacy Shave has more than 5.2K followers. Apart from Instagram, they have a website as well.

Legacy Shave net worth says it all about its success. Having a net worth of $50 million is proof of their quality and commitment.

They provide all the features that a customer wants. Building a successful company from such a small idea is an inspiration for all. Hard work and determination can make anything possible.  

Is Legacy Shave Brush the Main Reason Behind the Success of the Company?

Yes, the Legacy Shave Brush is the main reason for the company’s success. 

Who is the Legacy Shave Owner?

Two brothers Mike Gutow and Dave Gutow are the owners of the company.

When was Legacy Shave Founded?

It was founded in the year 2016.

Who is the CEO of Legacy Shave?

Mike Gutow is the CEO of Legacy Shave.

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