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Mark Laita was born in 1960 in the Midwest cities of Detroit and Chicago. He is an American Photographer. He started photography at the age of fifteen, at this point he worked on a series of portraits of the homeless in Chicago. Apart from being a photographer, he is also a director and a YouTuber.

As a professional photographer, he has been successful throughout his career, and as a result, Mark Laita net worth in 2024 is estimated at $1 million. This article discusses his worth, personal life, and career life. Before jumping into our topic a quick overview of his life would be great!

Full NameMark Laita
Date of Birth1960
Age 64 Years
Place of Birth Mideast cities of Detroit and Chicago
Height5 ft 7 inches
Martial StatusMarried 
Children Alex Laita and Olivia Laita
Profession(s)Photographer, Director, and YouTuber
Net Worth$1 Million

Mark is one of the well-known photographers. He is best known for his picture book Created Equal. He began his career at just fifteen when he was living in Detroit.
At the start of his career, he worked on a project and photographed Chicago’s homeless. He refined this project for thirty years until it became a “Created Equal” book.

Who is Mark Laita

He was born and grew up in the Mideast cities of Detroit and Chicago. He completed his basic education in local schools in Detroit. He went to Columbia College to study Photography and graduated from the University of Illinois/Chicago. 

Young Mark Laita  

Other than that he has never spoken about his parents so his family background and his parents’ name are unknown. 

Mark likes to keep his personal life private. Any information on Mark Laita’s wife is unknown. But according to some data, he has two daughters Olivia Laita and Alex Laita. Olivia is the founder of Vegan Fashion Week and has done modeling for artistic director Emmanuelle Rienda.

Photographing the homeless in Chicago was the first project of his career. He has worked for 30 years on the project. It developed slowly and in 2010 he attained the results. He has developed his artwork throughout his career life. 

During his career, he had opportunities to work with many well-known companies such as Apple Inc., Van Cleefs, Arpels, Budweiser, Visa, IBM, and many others. He slowly gained recognition in America and Europe.

But his fame started with opening a YouTube Channel Soft White Underbelly. This was a perfect step for his career as his career rose and gained enormous success afterward. 

Most of his income comes from his photography projects, which are his primary job. Apart from that he earns a lot from YouTube as his channel has over 5 million subscribers and increasing. With that much income, his net worth is estimated at $1 million.  

Mark Laita net worth

He launched his YouTube Channel on April 25th, 2016 with the name “Soft White Underbelly”. He started it by releasing videos of interviews. He used to publish interviews with vulnerable people on his channel. Interviewing people is his primary focus and sometimes he also does photography gigs. 

As of 2024, his channel has more than 5.48 million subscribers with over 1.1B+ views. With all this, he generates a healthy amount of revenue from Google Ads which contributes directly to Mark Laita worth

During World War II, Winston Churchill called Italy the “soft underbelly”. This is the inspiration for the name of his channel, he mentioned. Blue Oyster Cult’s original name “Soft White Underbelly”, also influenced him and became his inspiration. 

It’s a visual catalog of America. This project took over 10 years to complete and cost him around half a million dollars. For this particular project, Mark has traveled to 48 lower states of America to photograph. 

He photographed people from many walks of life such as cowboys, repo men, nuns, street addicts, ballerinas, Amish people, astronauts, and many others. 

Mark used to encourage people to come up for the photograph by paying. He believed that this way they would appear in much higher numbers. His studio was located at Skid Row, Los Angeles, California. 

In the year 2008, finally, his hard work paid off, and his book was published. It generated profit through gallery shows and print sales. It was a serious success for him and with this, his career finally started rising.  His other published books include Sea and Serpentine.  

Mark is an active social media personality and due to his talent, he has a good amount of followers. On Instagram, he has more than 43.3K followers with more than 5.4K followers on Facebook. He has a whopping amount of 5.4 million + followers on YouTube

Mark Laita Social Media Accounts

 Mark has shown what struggle can do to change our lives. He was unknown but he started doing projects with hard work and determination. With that, he became recognizable and became famous.

Now, everybody is praising his talent. Spending years working on projects is the proof of his struggle and Mark Laita net worth itself speaks about the determination that he has put into his work.

We can learn from his life that nothing is impossible if we put determination and work with passion. Our skills are the best weapons we have, we can use them to change our life or just waste them to achieve nothing.
If we use them wisely like Mark Laita and Myron Golden, we can achieve anything we want.  

Who is Mark Laita Wife?

He has kept his personal life private. His wife or girlfriend is unknown.

How Many Children Mark Laita Have?

He has two children. Alex Laita and Olivia Laita are the Mark Laita daughters.

What is the Mark Laita Age?

He was born in 1960 so as of 2024, he is 64 years old. 

What is the Nationality of Mark Laita?

He is an American.

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