Marquett Davon Burton Net Worth – Age, Wife, and Career Facts


Marquett Davon Burton was born on 26th April 1992 in San Diego, California, USA. He is an American social media influencer, author, public speaker, and entrepreneur. He is known for his services to Fletch and 5 Fingers Company. A man with multiple talents like him surely has generated good revenue. This is true because in 2024 Marquett Davon Burton net worth is estimated at $10 million

This article discusses his early, personal, career life and net worth. But before all of that let’s take a look at the overview of his life. 

Full NameMarquett Davon Burton 
Date of Birth26th April 1992
Age32 Years
Place of BirthSan Diego, California, USA
Height6 feet
Weight 70 Kg
Education Master of Political Science
Skin Color Sand
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Black
Language English 
Zodiac Sign Tauras
Martial Status Married
Wife Name Sarah
Father Name Leadbetter
Mother Name Kim Burton 
Net Worth $10 Million

Davon was born in San Diego, California. His father Leadbetter died when Davon was young. His mother Kim Burton single-handedly raised him with many difficulties. His early was a tough time for him. At just 13, he started working at the Boys and Girls Club to make money.

In his early life, he struggled and worked hard to spend his life. His mother used to work as a housekeeper in different houses to earn money. She tried everything she could to support her son’s education and make him a successful entrepreneur.

Davon got his early education from a local school near his home. Despite facing many tough and challenging periods, he never gave up on his studies and continued that with great commitment. He got his Bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley.
Then he joined Johns Hopkins University and earned himself a Master’s degree in political science.

Davon being a Muslim, has never shown her wife’s face and didn’t reveal any piece of information about her. One thing that is known about her is that her name is Sarah, she is a Muslim girl, she wears an abaya and keeps herself miles away from social media. 

Davon likes traveling, he is quite fond of that. He used to travel to different parts of the world with his wife just to enjoy. Now, he is living in California with his wife and mother, he is living a luxurious life with them. As a travel person he likes to buy cars, he has many cars such as Mercedes AMG G63 and Lamborghini.

His net worth is estimated at $10 million, as of 2024. Despite having a rough childhood experience, his commitment to his studies has made it all possible for him. After completing his studies, he became an entrepreneur, a public speaker, and a social media influencer.

Since then, he has been earning a significant amount over time. Marquett Davon Burton worth has increased over time. 

Marquett Davon Burton Net Worth

The factors that influence his net worth are.

He worked in Fletch for 6 years and 9 months and had a perfect experience working there as an executive. This company was also the reason for Davon’s rise to success. He earned quite a good amount in his time working there and then invested it in real estate and other passive income streams.

He works as a public speaker as well. Mostly he appears as a public speaker on the FreshandFit Clips YouTube Channel. According to some sources, he charges around $1K for an hour-long interview. He used to deliver lectures on feminism and masculinity

Marquett Davon Burton Interview

Davon has his official YouTube Channel as well with the name The Saint. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have as many subscribers as other successful influencers have but as far as Davon himself is concerned, it’s fine enough for him.

He teaches about life experience, business, and career. Some sources claim that he earns around $5K monthly from YouTube.

His childhood life was so disturbing and he struggled a lot. Being just a teenager, he started his career by working at the Boys and Girls Club. At that time, he was also studying in school. 

Just after completing his studies, he joined Tech for America as a school operation manager in 2009. He worked there till 2011 for 2 years and during that time he managed and trained around 60 corporation members.

Career of Marquett Davon Burton

After that, in 2012, he joined Everfi as a Pacific Northwest Manager. Everfi was a growing company at that point, focusing on teaching, training, and helping students develop their practical skills.

He served this company for just 1 year till 2013 but this period was a successful one for him as well as for the company. He helped the company to successfully open a new branch in Washington DC, California, and in other states of the USA. 

Just after some time, in 2014, he joined Fletch. With his help of him, this company reached the levels of advancement. Due to the efforts of Davon, this company managed the South Korean Government’s financial bank.

He made a partnership between Fletch and the South Korean Government. He was the man behind many successes of the company. Asset tracking was added by him as the new product. He worked there for 6 years and resigned in 2020.

Being a successful entrepreneur and a public speaker, he has quite a good number of followers on social media. On his YouTube Channel, he has more than 27K subscribers. On Instagram, he has over 40K followers.

Marquett Davon Burton Media Accounts

His story suggests that having a rough and struggling childhood doesn’t matter if you commit to your work. He has shown how hard work can change your life. Dedication can perfect your future and make you a successful person.
Marquett Davon Burton net worth tells us how much he was committed to his work and made himself a millionaire just like Myron Golden

What is Marquett Davon Burton Age?

In 2024, he is 32 years old.

Who is Marquett Davon Burton Wife?

Her name is Sarah and she is a Muslim. No other information on her is known. 

What is Marquett Davon Burton Height?

He is 6 feet tall.

What is Marquett Davon Burton Date of Birth?

His date of birth is 26th April 2024.

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