Mel Robbins Net Worth 2024 – How Did Mel Robbins Get Rich?


We first discovered Mel Robbins through her TEDx talk on the 5-second rule, and since then, We have been fascinated by her insights on personal development and motivation. As a highly successful podcaster and best-selling author, Mel has created a huge following of individuals seeking inspiration and guidance.

One thing good about her is that she doesn’t sugarcoat the challenges of change but instead offers practical strategies for overcoming them. In this post, you will learn about Mel Robbins Net Worth, her age, her husband, and Mel Robbins family. So be with us!

Mel Robbins is the famous podcaster, best-selling author, and expert on change and motivation. She has always been driven by a relentless curiosity about human behavior and personal growth, having a keen interest in psychology and self-improvement. From an early age, Mel found that she has a deep desire to help others unleash their full potential.  

Mel Robbins is also the founder of a production company namely 143 Studios. This business creates educational materials for corporate clients like Starbucks and JPMorgan.

Quick FactsDetail
Real NameMel Robbins
BornOctober 6, 1968
Age56 (According to 2024)
Country of OriginUnited States
Grew Up In North Muskegon, Michigan
Graduated From Dartmouth College
Major InPolitical Sciences
HusbandChris Robbins
ChildrenSawyer, Oakley, and Kendall
Reason Of FameHer Book “The 5 Second Rule” published in 2017
ProfessionAuthor, Speaker, Coach, Media Personality, Founder of 143 Studios
Estimated Net Worth:$15 million
Mel Robbins Bio Data

Mel Robbins grew up in North Muskegon, Michigan on 6th Oct 1968. She faced many financial hardships and family struggles during her 56-year journey that helped her to be determined from a young age.

mel robbins life story

Despite these obstacles, Robbins graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in Political Science before going on to earn her J.D. from Boston College Law School

Mel Robbins’ husband, Chris Robbins, is a successful entrepreneur and business owner who has been a supportive partner throughout Mel’s career. They have three children: Sawyer, Oakley, and Kendall.

Mel Robbins Husband And Children

In interviews, Mel has spoken about how her family serves as her support system and motivates her to continue pursuing her goals. She credits her husband and children with providing love, encouragement, and inspiration during her challenging times. 

Her journey to wealth began when she published her book The 5 Second Rule in 2017, which quickly became a bestseller. Through her empowering message of taking action and reprogramming habits, Robbins resounded with millions of individuals.

Aside from her book sales, Mel Robbins also diversified her income streams by launching online courses and coaching programs to further help people unlock their potential. She expanded her reach globally by leveraging social media platforms and speaking engagements. 

Mel Robbins says: “It’s not the big moves that change everything – it’s the smallest ones in your everyday life that do.” by following this approach, Mel Robbins has made around $15 million which is around Carla Diabs’ net worth, which is 10 million dollars. Her social media followers are in millions, which is a great source of money for her.

How much is Mel Robbins Net Worth

Also, this massive increase in Mel Robbins’ net worth is due to her best-selling books, and speaking engagements. Here’s Mel’s overall net worth details, take a look:

Mel’s Net Worth$15 million
Annual Earning$13.2 million
Social Media Earning Power$80K per sponsored post
Mel Robbins Net Worth

Mel Robbins and Jackie Aina were both successful in their respective fields. Let me tell you about Jackie. She is a makeup artist and YouTuber. Jackie Aina net worth is roughly around $800,000k.

Mel Robbins Vs Jackie Aina Net Worth

Aina’s rise in the beauty industry showcases how determination and authenticity can pave the way for success in a competitive digital landscape.

Mel Robbins is known for her motivational books, a few of which are: 

mel robbins books
  • The 5 Second Rule (2017) presents a powerful strategy to overcome hesitation and take action by counting down from 5.
  • In The High 5 Habit: Take Control of Your Life with One Simple Habit (2021), she introduces a new approach to boosting self-esteem and confidence through positive affirmations. This book challenges readers to incorporate a simple yet profound habit into their daily lives.
  • Stop Saying You’re Fine (2011) takes you into the concept of facing reality and making bold changes instead of settling for mediocrity. 
  • In Work It Out (2020), Robbins offers practical guidance on overcoming challenges and achieving personal and professional success through actionable strategies. 

Mel Robbins Famous Quotes

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Mel Robbins

“Start Before You’re Ready. Don’t Prepare, Begin.”

Mel Robbins

“Forget Motivation. It’s A Myth.”

Mel Robbins

“Your Problem Isn’t Ideas. Your Problem Is You Don’t Act On Them. You Kill Them.”

Mel Robbins

“Small Things Are Not Small At All. They Are The Most Important Things Of All. And They Add Up.”

Mel Robbins

“If You Want To Make Your Dreams Come True, Get Ready For The Long Game.”

Mel Robbins

Mel Robbin’s followings on social media platforms are in millions. According to April 2024, she has 2.6 million subscribers on YouTube, 5.7 million followers on Instagram, and 2.1 million followers on TikTok with 21.6 million likes, she has successfully engaged with a large audience across different demographics.

She also has an active presence on Facebook with 2.4 million followers and LinkedIn with 373,575 followers.

Social ProfilesURLs
YouTubeClick here
InstagramClick here
TikTokClick here
FacebookClick here
LinkedInClick here
Mel Robbins Social Presence

After exploring Mel Robbins net worth of approximately $15 million in 2024, it is clear that her success did not come overnight. By writing bestselling books, hosting successful podcasts, and delivering inspiring speeches, she has built a strong brand that resounds with millions of people worldwide. Let us all take a page from Mel’s book and dare to dream big, work hard, and never give up on our goals.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Mel Robbins?

Hiring Mel Robbins for an event, and the fee typically starts at $100,000 for live events. But, the cost can vary depending on the type of engagement, such as virtual events or other speaking engagements. 

Are Mel Robbins Podcast Free?

Yes, Mel Robbins’ podcast is completely free to listen to. Listeners confidently say that her podcast provides valuable insights and inspiration without any cost. 

What Is Mel Robbins Well Known Quote?

One popular quote by Mel Robbins is, “The secret to success is simple: work hard and never give up.”

What Is The Concept Behind Mel Robbins’s 5 4 3 2 1 Quote?

The concept behind it is to count backward from 5 to 1 and then take immediate action on whatever you’ve been procrastinating or hesitant about. By using this countdown method, you interrupt your brain’s habit of overthinking and self-doubt, allowing you to jump into action before your mind can come up with excuses.

How Did Mel Robbins Get Famous?

At TEDx San Francisco, she talks about “The Five Second Rule”. This talk was viewed more than 30 million times on YouTube. This was the start of her public speaking career.

How Was The Mel Robbins Podcast With Ramit Sethi?

This Podcast episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to improve their financial situation and mindset. In this Ramit Sethi Podcast, listeners can gain actionable advice on how to take control of their finances, set achievable goals, and create a roadmap towards financial freedom.
Ramit’s straightforward approach and no-nonsense attitude make the complex world of personal finance more accessible and manageable for the average person.

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