Michaella McCollum Net Worth: Her Husband, Life, and Other Facts


Once in your life, you would have heard a story about a struggling man or woman who makes the most out of the situation and becomes famous. Well, if you do and like this type of stuff then you are going to love this information.

We are talking about Michaella McCollum who was a drug mule in the past but she turned an opportunity of her into something positive. The purpose of this article will be to discuss Michaella McCollum net worth as well as some of her life facts.

If you use social media then you must have heard her name before. Various reasons have led to the public’s attention on her for some time.

Who is Michaella McCollum

She has an infamous story because she was a drug smuggler in the past. One time he was arrested for smuggling drugs in Peru. After her subsequent release, she decided to change her life and become a social media personality. Her story is a roller coaster ride, which we will discuss throughout the article. 

NameMichaella McCollum
Estimated Net Worth$2 – $3 million
Date of Birth20th August 1993
Source of WealthMedia Personality and Author

Michaella was born on August 20th, 1993 in Northern Ireland. She belongs to a poor family. Her family didn’t have enough money resources and she had to face financial difficulties during her childhood.

Michaella McCollum Early Life and Education

Her family enrolled her into the school to study but due to the financial issues, she had to leave the school and venture into a night club. She handled her financial needs with the money she got by working at the nightclub. 

After struggling her whole life, she decided to do something and become rich one night. She decided to do smuggling. She started it with some of her friends. In the year 2013, she smuggled cocaine from Peru with her friend Mellisa. But she was arrested in the process, this smuggling led to the “Peru Two” case which remained in the global spotlight for some time.

When she was in a Peruvian prison, she thought about her life and then again decided to do something more different when she will be out of prison.

Her friend Mellisa was with her during the smuggling attempt so both of them spent 68 months in the Peruvian prison. After such a long period she got released but things in her life didn’t turn out to be great even after this. Her release led to several controversies and became another problem for her as most people labeled her as a drug pusher. 

Her net worth is not exactly known but it lies between $2 -$3 million. As she was a criminal in the past so it affected her net worth. After her release, she invested her money to establish some income streams, she also opened a clothing line after her release. 

Michaella is now active in the entertainment industry as well. In 2021, Netflix released a documentary about her named High: Confessions of an Ibiza Drug Mule. There is going to be a book released in 2024 which is written by Herself. It will prove to be a contributor to her net worth and her net worth will surely increase the book release. 

After the smuggling attempt, she changed her life completely. Maybe she is doing these to repay her sins but she is also a motivational speaker. A past criminal being a motivational speaker surely does not sound great but she is. 

Michaella McCollum Post Release Transformation

Michaella was released in 2016 on parole, instantly she returned to her homeland and started making efforts to transform her image from a criminal to a media personality.

In some interviews, she told us about her journey experiences and her efforts to transform her image. 

In the year 2019, she signed a book deal, in this book she was meant to tell her journey’s story. This book had the name “You’ll Never See Daylight Again” and was published in 2019. It was a great success in her life as this book grabbed people’s attention and earned her a significant amount. 

Michaella McCollum Book Publishing

After her release, she became an Internet personality as her case was a global spotlight.

Michaella McCollum Media Appearances

She attended many high-profile interviews and after that, she got the opportunity to be in high-profile TV shows. She made appearances in Big Brother and I’m a Celebrity…. Get Me Out of Here! These appearances in the shows proved to be successful steps in transforming her personality.

Due to some public speaking engagements and her books, she is earning a significant amount as of today. Her book released in 2019 earned around $250,000 however, it is not estimated. Her book became the bestseller of all time as she was already famous at the time of launch.

As she is a motivational speaker as well. She tells her struggles of her life to the people and encourages them to make the most out of hard times and use them to become strong.

She is inspiring others to work hard as you can achieve anything if you put in hard work and determination. Her net worth is proof that she is a hardworking and determined person now. 

Modeling was the first thing that she started after she got released. She had several photo shoots to begin with and later she started doing ads for several agencies. 

She also started modelling and has appeared in various advertisements and magazines. She is working with multiple agencies which is proving to be a successful step in her career.

Michaella has hinted about a documentary which will be based on her life experience. Other than that nothing more of her plans is known.

Michaella is also counted as an Instagram influencer, she has over 103K followers on Instagram and over 200 followers on Twitter as well. She shares her life activities on her Instagram account

Michaella McCollum’s Instagram Account
Michaella McCollum’s Twitter Account

Although, her journey has been a roller coaster life but it still gives us a lesson that never give up in your life. Michaella never gave up on her life, she fought through every situation and now you can where she is.

Her determination has turned people’s hate into love. No matter how much things go ugly in your life determination and hard work are the things that can give you a peaceful life ahead. 

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What is the Main Contributor To Michaella McCollum Net Worth?

The main contributor to her net worth is her Author career. Her 2019 book sold perfectly and earned her a good amount.

What is the Michaella McCollum Age?

Her current age is 31 years.

Who is Michaella McCollum Husband?

On her Instagram account, she has confirmed that her husband doesn’t see her and her children much. Apart from that all about her husband is unknown.

Where is Mellisa Reid Now?

She is currently working at the Citizens Advice Bureau in Glasgow.

How Many Children Does Michaella McCollum Have?

She has two twin sons Raphael and Rio.

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