Mozzy Net Worth – Age, Wife, and Life Facts as of 2024


Timothy Cornell Patterson, professionally known as Mozzy was born on 24th June 1987 in Sacramento, California, USA. He is an American rapper. Mozzy net worth in 2024 has been estimated at $5 million.

He is going to be our topic today, we will be discussing his life and career so make sure to stick with us. But before that here’s a quick overview of his life.

NameTimothy Cornell Patterson
Professional Name Mozzy
Date of Birth 24th June 1987
Age37 Years
Place of BirthSacramento, California, USA
Net Worth$5 Million
Profession(s)Rapper, Songwriter, Record Producer
GenreHip Hop, Gangsta Rap, G Funk


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Mozzy has a Californian background as he was born in California. Professionally he is a rapper and has made a striking impact in the industry. His specialty is the Hip-Hop genre and he is one of the best in work. His law lyrics and unique style have attracted his audience. 

Who is Mozzy

Some people relate his songwriting style and lyrics writing style with Atl Jacob who is also a successful producer and a songwriter in the industry.

Mozzy was born into a poor family. He had to face some financial issues at the beginning of his. Talking about his neighborhood, his childhood was the time when the rate of gang and crime activities was at its peak in California. 

His family includes his mother, father, and other siblings. Some days, his parents were unable to provide them the food. But these financial crises didn’t stop his determination and passion. He continued his work and became what he is now.

The early 2010 was the time when Mozzy started his career as a rapper. Due to some of his luck, he was already allowed to collaborate with multiple music artists. At the start, he recorded and released some mixtapes in California. Due to his style, he grasped the attention of the audience in a very short time and started gaining fame.

His childhood was spent in the peak of street crimes, maybe this was the reason some of his beginning mixtapes explained the harsh realities of the community and street crime. 

In 2015, he released Bladadah, which proved to be the breakthrough for him. It was a lucky year for him as now he was caught in the national spotlight. Some of his famous projects such as Gangland Landscape and Mandatory Check made him the leading voice in the West Coast hip-hop genre. 

Because of his past poor life, a hint of poverty, violence, and societal injustice are sometimes felt in his music. His music paints all the things which were experienced by him in his early life. 

Mozzy Music Style

His wife’s name is Gee O Dee and they both got married in the year 2010. They both have two children Dooterz Petterson and Zayda Ahkyana Petterson. That’s all known of his personal life. Mozzy likes to keep his personal life private, there is not much known.

As of 2024, his estimated net worth is $5 million. The biggest contributor to his net worth is his music career with songwriting and producing can be counted as minor contributions to his overall worth. Dedication, talent, passion, and determination are all factors of his success. 

Mozzu Net Worth

Over the years, he has done multiple collaborations. They don’t just help him generate great revenue but also help him increase his net worth. Some of his notable collaborations include YG, Schoolboy Q, and TY Dolla Sign.  

His merchandise includes hoodies, hats, and t-shirts. All of his stuff is completely labeled with his brand logo and some are also labeled with some lyrics from his songs. 

His style has been loved by the audience’s entertainment. He has appeared in the blockbuster film Black Panther (2018) and a TV series The Chi. His entertainment career can be considered as a minor contributor to his net worth.

Music is not his only career. He is also a songwriter as well and has invested some good amounts in the merchandise where he sells accessories under his brand. Alongside this, he has also contributed to the entertainment industry which is also another source of income for him. 

Throughout his career, he has achieved greater heights and gained unbelievable fame. In the year 2017, his album named 1 Up Top Ahk was nominated at the Grammy Awards for Best Rap Album. This was another achievement for him.

As you know he had a poor and rough childhood so he has not forgotten his background and that’s why he is always on the front when it comes to helping others.

Donation is one of the top qualities of Mozzy. Over the years, he has been involved in many charitable activities. He used to extensively donate to food drives and local schools. 

He has a YouTube Channel named Mozzy with over 1.5 million subscribers and 1.3 billion+ views. His Instagram account has over 1.5 million followers and on Twitter, he has 125K+ followers.

Mozzy Social Media Accounts

He is a living example that having a poor family background has nothing to do with your talent and hard work. If we do enough hard work we can achieve anything. Mozzy net worth is proof that he is a multi-talented person and a hard-working person as well.

All the career he has built gives us a lesson that we can achieve that as well by putting some determination into the work.

Where is Mozzy From?

He is from California, USA.

How Old is Mozzy?

As of 2024, he is 37 years old.

In Which Year Mozzy Started His Career?

He started his career in early 2010.

When Did Mozzy Got Famous?

With the release of a mixtape Bladadah in 2015, he became famous and recognized.

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