Popcorn Sutton Net Worth: Personal Life and Other Facts


Popcorn Sutton is remembered for his role in documentaries, it was the thing that made him famous. As of today, he is not with us. Being such a famous personality, people wonder about his personal life and have questions about his worth and more. Today, we will be discussing Popcorn Sutton net worth, personal life, and his death. 

Popcorn Sutton was born on 5th October 1946 in Maggie Valley North Carolina, USA. Bonnie was his father and his mother’s name was Vader. They tended to live in the mountain areas and were very hardworking people. Due to their hard work, they were famous around their region.

They live in a wooden house near a steam. His father Bonnie used to play the fiddle while his mother Vader used to play spoons. He had two sisters and both were dancers. Popcorn Sutton unfortunately died on 16th March 2009 in his hometown Maggie Valley at the age of 63 years. 

Popcorn Sutton Profile Summary

Full NameMarvin Popcorn Sutton
Date of Birth 5th October 1946
Place of BirthMaggie Valley, North Carolina, USA
Date of Death16th March 2009
Age62 Years
Occupation (s)Moonshine, Bottlegger
WorkPopcorn Sutton’s Tennessee White Whiskey
SpousePamela Sutton
Children2 Daughters
Popcorn Sutton Networth$13 millions
Popcorn Sutton Bio

As far as his career is concerned it consists of making moonshine and bootlegging. He used to get involved in the law which characterized his career. He often had to go to the wrong side of the law and was found doing that on multiple occasions.

He got the conviction for selling untaxed liquor in 1974. Later in 1981 and 1985 he was arrested on multiple occasions for keeping the assault with we*pons and controlled substances. It was his luck or maybe something else that he was only put on probation. 

In 1999, Sutton wrote an autobiography by the name of “Me and My Likker” which was also his guide to moonshine production. His autobiography’s copies were sold in Maggie Valley only but later it was converted into the video one and it was released on a VHS tape.

In 2002, he debuted in feature films and made his first appearance in Neal Hutcheson’s documentary, Mountain Talk. He had so much luck and due to that, he got another Neal Hutcheson documentary This is the Last Dam Run of Likker I’ll Ever Make. This film was the turning point of his life and career, it was considered classic and quickly drew the attention of many TV producers in New York and Boston. 

Gaining that much success and fame, Sutton never left his criminal works. In 2007 which didn’t prove to be a good year for him and his career. There was a fire in one of his properties in ParrOttslive, the fire brigades tried their best and after putting down the fire they found 600 gallons of untaxed alcohol in his house. He was arrested for that once again and was put on probation once again as his luck again favored him. At the end of his life, he was featured in documentaries such as Hillbilly (2007) and The Last One (2008)

After one month of dating, as said by his wife, he was married to a girl named Pam. He got married to her just two years before his death. Their destiny didn’t favor them much as their relationship lasted for just 2 years as Popcorn Sutton committed suicide. But here arises a question: Did Popcorn Sutton have children?

Personal Life

Popcorn Sutton Son

Solomon Sutton carries on his father’s legacy with a unique blend of reverence and innovation. While honoring the old ways of distilling passed down from his father, Solomon also incorporates modern techniques to create spirits that stand out in today’s market. His dedication to quality and authenticity shines through in every batch he produces, earning him a loyal following among moonshine enthusiasts worldwide.

Facing challenges and skepticism due to his father’s larger-than-life reputation, Solomon has proven himself as a skilled distiller in his own right. He has successfully navigated the delicate balance between upholding tradition and forging his path in the ever-evolving spirits industry.

Popcorn Sutton Daughter

Sky Sutton has carved her path in the world of spirits by producing Popcorn Sutton’s Original White Whiskey. Drawing on her father’s original recipe and distilling techniques, Sky has created a product that pays homage to his legacy while also showcasing her expertise in the craft.

She not only upholds the family tradition but also introduces a new generation to the authentic flavors of Appalachian moonshine.

In addition to her whiskey production, Sky has delved into the realm of filmmaking with a documentary featuring her father’s life and exploring the rich moonshine culture in Appalachia. She sheds light on the history and nuances of an often misunderstood industry, offering viewers an intimate look into the world that shaped her family’s legacy.

Everybody has one question in common about him and that is about his net worth. As he was a criminal people believe he must have been very rich. His net worth is estimated at $13 million. His liquor business was the main reason for his worth. 

Popcorn Sutton Net Worth

Comparing Michael Rainey Jr Vs Popcorn Sutton Net Worth

Michael Rainey Jr net worth has amassed as $1.2 million through his acting career, Popcorn Sutton’s staggering net worth of $15 million reflects his success as a moonshiner and Appalachian folk hero. Despite both achieving notable financial success, their journeys to wealth couldn’t be more different.

Michael Rainey Jr, known for his role in the hit series Power, has steadily built his career in the entertainment industry, showcasing his talent and versatility as an actor. Popcorn Sutton’s notoriety stemmed from his illicit moonshine production, solidifying him as a legendary figure in Appalachian culture.

He was a criminal and a raid on his properties was something common for him. In March of 2008, another raid was made on one of his properties by some secret agents. 500 gallons of moonshine was discovered on his property in Tennessee and 400 gallons of moonshine was discovered on his Maggie Valley property. This time he was not lucky enough as he got arrested and was convicted to 18 months of federal prison. 

After getting arrested Popcorn requested the judge to serve his sentence under house arrest but the judge didn’t accept his request and simply declined it. Probably, this happened because Sutton was also featured in the films that were surrounded by firearms and also it making of illegal moonshine was demonstrated in those films. 

This time around luck doesn’t favor him and he is not ready for imprisonment at all. In the end, he had no way to escape but to commit suicide. On 16th March 2009, he committed suicide by Carbon monoxide poisoning. After his death, a proper public memorial service was held in his hometown Maggie Valley, he was buried at a family graveyard after that. 

In the early 2000s, he started his small whiskey business, he make and sell the moonshine in small batches. His business gained so much success and he also started selling apple pie moonshine, white whiskey, and barrel-aged whiskey. An interesting fact about him is that Popcorn was the first ever person to start this business.

His whiskey business was small but the quality of his whiskey was extremely good. He uses high-quality ingredients to make his whiskey. The whiskey was a perfect way to connect with the rich Appalachian culture. Even after his death, the company is still providing high-quality whiskey and keeping his visions alive. 

There is no doubt that the Popcorn Sutton was a dun person to discuss. Another interesting thing about him is his grave. His grave is just a simple granite headstone with “Popcorn Said F**k You” written on it. 

Popcorn Sutton Grave

Popcorn Sutton net worth at the time of his passing was estimated to be around $13 million. His roles in films and documentaries were the vital reason for his fame over time. His whiskey business proved to draw much success for him and no doubt he was one of the great moonshiners of all time. His death was a sad incident and not the way he wanted to end his life. But his life was an interesting one to be discussed. 

Where is Popcorn Sutton Buried?

Popcorn Sutton, whose real name was Marvin Sutton, is buried in the Needmore Cemetery located in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. The cemetery is a small, peaceful resting place nestled in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. Popcorn Sutton was a moonshiner and folk hero in the Appalachian region, and his grave has become a popular destination for fans and visitors.

What Was Popcorn Sutton Net Worth?

Popcorn Sutton, the famous distiller from Tennessee, was known for his expertise in making high-quality moonshine. Despite his success in the moonshining industry, his estimated net worth at the time of his passing was not as high as $13 million. While it is difficult to determine an exact figure due to the nature of his illicit activities, it is believed that his net worth was likely much lower than the reported amount.

Why Popcorn Sutton Committed Suicide?

Popcorn Sutton, a well-known moonshiner from Tennessee, committed suicide in 2009 after being sentenced to 18 months in prison for illegal distillation of spirits. Sutton had a long history of defying authorities and operating outside the law, leading to multiple run-ins with law enforcement over the years.

How Much Liquor Did Popcorn Sutton Have?

Popcorn Sutton was known for producing high-quality moonshine in large quantities. It is estimated that he produced around 650 gallons of liquor throughout his moonshining career. Sutton’s expertise in distillation techniques and his dedication to the craft allowed him to create a product that was highly sought after by enthusiasts.

Who Owns Popcorn Sutton Distillery?

Sazerac, a spirits company that produces popular brands such as Buffalo Trace and Pappy Van Winkle, has recently acquired the Popcorn Sutton Distillery in Newport, Tennessee. The purchase price has not been disclosed to the public. It aims to continue honoring the legacy of Popcorn Sutton while also leveraging their expertise in distilling and marketing to further grow the brand’s popularity.

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