Scrub Daddy Net Worth: Who is Behind Scrub Daddy


If you have a little bit of knowledge of cleaning products, then you must know Scrub Daddy. It is one of the world’s most famous and successful cleaning products companies. Being such a big institute, how much worth this company generate, if you want to know Scrub Daddy net worth stick with us as we discuss it right through. 

The man behind this company is Aaron Krause, he founded this company in the year 2012. It has now become the third-largest scrub provider in America. The company is famous for providing cleaning products in unique ways like smiley face erasers, sponges, scrubbers, and sink dispensers. 

What is Scrub Daddy

Many people still think what makes them special, they are just cleaning products. Well, the answer to this is that Scrub Daddy uses a special type of polymer in the manufacturing of their products that changes the textures with the temperature. Their scrubs become mushy in warm water and become stiff in cold water. Due to this Scrub Daddy products become famous all over the world.

Scrub Daddy’s overall net worth is $310 million. The company became worldwide famous by making an appearance on Shark Tank. Lori Greiner, an investor, committed a 20% equity investment with the owner of Scrub Daddy during an episode of Shark Tank.

On the same day, in less than 7 minutes on QVC both parties successfully sold 42,000 Scrub Daddy sponges. Due to this recognition, the company soon became a multi-million dollar company. They started to sell their products at retail outlets nationwide.

Shark Tank is a vital reason behind the success of this company. At the start of 2017, the company’s revenue was known to be around $100 million. After the 14th season of Shark Tank, it was claimed that the company had generated around $670 million

Scrub Daddy’s owner is Aaron Krause, he is a successful businessman and an inventor. He has over 20 years of experience in patenting. 

Who is the Owner of Scrub Daddy

Aaron Krause was born on 1st February 1969 in Wynnewood (Pennsylvania, US). Currently, he is 55 years old. He did his BS in psychology from Syracuse University.

Being an inventor, Aaron’s net worth heavily depends on his income and other businesses he has contributed to apart from the Scrub Daddy. His overall net worth is about $100 million. 

Facts Details
BornFeb 1, 1969
NationalityAmerican born in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania
Became a millionaire at43 
OccupationsEntrepreneur, inventor, CEO of Scrub Daddy
Sources of wealthScrub Daddy, Shark Tank investment, other ventures
Asset classesStartups
Net worth$100 million
Aaron Krause Biography

Aaron launched a detailing business after his graduation. He used to work by himself with the machinery and as a result, the machinery maintenance left him with dirt and filthy hands. In those days he uses an abrasive ointment GOJO.  

Still, Krauser was thinking about a more efficient way to overcome his problem and did find the solution in the end. He has been creating foam buffing pads for some time now which proves to be another plus point for him. In 2007, he made a polymer foam hand scrubber. This scrubber had two holes cut in the center and a groove on one side. 

People opposed their stuff for being overpriced and unnecessary products at the very start. So, Aaron had to put his project on hold due to this. In the year 2011, Aaron started to use his abandoned products for himself for washing dishes and lawn furniture. After some time he realized that his products were unscratched and flawless even after the use. This was the time that he realized he could generate profit by these.

To make things more interesting he put a smiley face on the scrubbers which led to even more success. He then makes his products more famous by doing the advertisement and marketing. 

At the start, the sponges were the initial product of Scrub Daddy, but as time passed they included new products such as scouring pads, cream cleaners, sink organizers, erasers, and dual-sided sponges. The products come in seasonal shapes like snowflakes and pumpkins, also with different colors to choose from.

Scrub Daddy Products

As a teenager, Aaron used to at the car wash which was his family business in his free time. Working there he noticed the different properties of foams when they were exposed to different temperatures. This gave him the idea of inventing Scrub Daddy.

How Did Aaron Came Up With the Idea of Scrub Daddy

Their sponges change their texture with the water temperature. This ability makes them suitable for cleaning various products. The smiley face on its design is not just for looks but it helps in easy gripping while cleaning the products. These points make their scrubs different from the other’s. 

Aaron Krasuer is a kind-hearted man with a passion for doing work. His passion and hard work have led to his success. He supports autism research and also he has contributed to it. He always helps others and is ready to give back to the community in the way he can. 

Let’s compare the net worth of Scrub Daddy with Legacy Shave. Well, it’s no surprise that Legacy Shave has carved its niche in the market. With a net worth estimated at $50 million in 2024, Legacy Shave has shown remarkable growth and innovation in the shaving products industry. The company was founded by Dave Gutow and Mike Gutow in 2016, their vision was to modernize traditional shaving products.

With Aaron Krauser’s story we can get the lesson that don’t doubt on your skills, always find a way to use them. Be patient, determined, and passionate to do your work.

Don’t lose faith, just believe in yourself. If Aaron had lost his faith and never was passionate, Scrub Daddy wouldn’t have been possible. His company has drawn so much success just because of the hard work and passion that Aaron put into his work.

Which Product Makes Scrub Daddy Famous?

Their sponge with the smiley face design is the most famous of them all and the vital reason behind the success of Scrub Daddy.

When Did Scrub Daddy Started?

The company was initially started in 2012. They made a success when they were shown in Shark Tank in 2019.

Who Owns the Scrub Daddy?

Aaron Krasuer owns the Scrub Daddy. It was his original idea, he put in hard work and determination to make it possible.

Is Aaron Krauser a Rich Person?

Yes, with a net worth of $100 million, he is a rich person and also a millionaire.

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